Frequently asked questions

General FAQ

When will I receive my order?

FOR XMAS DELIVERY INFO, CLICK HERE. We operate a weekly system whereby your order will be dispatched on Wednesday of the following week, regardless of which day you place your order. So if you place your order on a Monday, it will be dispatched 9 days later, but if you place your order on a Sunday, it'll be dispatched 3 days later. This is to enable us to compile orders and cook the required flavour batches each week. Postal Orders (dispatched via Royal Mail 1st Class) should therefore be expected to arrive around Friday - Saturday of the following week after you've placed your order. Local Hand Delivery Orders (available for postcodes SS0 - SS9) will be hand delivered on Wednesday of the following week after you've placed your order.

How can I find allergy information?

Before ordering, please be sure to check our Ingredients Page for full lists of ingredients in each flavour. If you are unsure about anything or requrie more information, please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Please Note: Although we are careful to avoid cross-contamination of allergens, please be aware that all of our fudge is prepared in a kitchen containing peanuts, nuts, milk, gluten, sulphur dioxide, soya and eggs.

How should I store my fudge?

After you've received your fudge, it needs to be stored in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Storing in the fridge will prolong the life, but will alter texture and taste.

Is the fudge vegetarian/vegan?

All of our fudge is vegetarian friendly. We also have a range of vegan flavours available and we are working hard to perfect more of these - the aim is to eventually offer all of our regular flavours as vegan options.

How do you make your vegan fudge?

We use a very similar recipe for our vegan fudge as we do for our regular fudge, but with substitutes including soya milk, organic cocunut oil and a vegan spread. To ensure the same smooth and soft texture, we also use the same traditional cooking method as we do for our dairy fudge. If you require any more information about our ingredients, please take a look at our Ingredients Page or Contact Us.

What is the texture of the fudge?

Our fudge is made using traditional sugar cooking methods in copper pans. It is beaten as it cools to create a beautifully smooth and creamy texure. The fudge is soft and has a wonderful melt-in-the-mouth quality.

How long does the fudge last?

Our dairy fudge has a shelf life of around 8 - 10 weeks after cooking date. It is possible for it to last longer, but texture and taste may have begun to deteriorate. Our dairy free/vegan fudge has a shelf life of around 3 months after cooking date, but will be fine to eat for some time after this (although texture and quality may be lowered). Please check individual bars for best before dates.

What date will I receive my Fudgescription?

Your delicious monthly treat will be posted on the 28th of the month. *NOTE* December's boxes will be sent earlier (Mon 21st December). For detailed Xmas Delivery Info, CLICK HERE.

Which flavours will I receive in my Fudgescription?

It's a tasty surprise! We'll send you various different flavours each month, (excluding any that you tell us you don't want) and occasionally, you'll even receive a BRAND NEW, unreleased flavour to try out! (Any new flavours sent will still take into account all allergies/dietary requirements you have informed us of). Remeber, you can update your preferences any time by Logging in here.

How do I change my Fudgescription details?

You can change your details (email address, payment details, shipping address etc.) by logging in Here.

How do I cancel my Fudgescription?

If you've decided you have had enough tasty fudge for the moment, you can cancel your Fudgescription in you account by logging in Here. (Psst- You can choose to just take a break for a month or two instead of cancelling, if you'd prefer!)

What if I am not home when my Fudgescription arrives?

Our Fudgescription boxes are perfectly letter box-sized, so you can just look forward to your delicious goodies waiting for you when you arrive home!